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Let me outline for you my training and experience in both meditation and treatment of mental health.

I have been practising meditation for thirty six years and not long after that, some three years, began my practise of yoga.  After ten years of yoga practise I began in teacher training obtaining various certifications and a City & Guilds 7307 to teach in Adult and Further Education.  Of highest standing on the yoga front would be training with what is now known as Yoga Alliance Professionals where I am now after twenty years teaching experience a Senior Teacher.

After I obtained my BA (Hons) degree I trained to acquire a Certificate in Counselling.

I trained to deliver the MBSR 8 week course with the Bangor University Centre for MIndfulness Research and Practice.  The course was led by Eluned Gold now part of the CMRP core training team and accompanied by Pam Erdmann whose great experience includes working at the mother ship of MBSR the Center for Mindfulness MBSR Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Since training I have delivered several MBSR  eight week courses in North Lincolnshire and workshops for my yoga students and members of the public.

How Much?
A little online research will reveal much  I can now share with you that I have a variable pricing structure and I will explain why. In different parts of the UK an eight week course can tot up to two hundred and sometimes three hundred plus pounds.  There is more to the delivery of a mindfulness course than meets the eye for a member of the public.  Counsellors will ethically work with supervision and generally add these costs into their course fee.  The cost needs to reflect if room space needs to be hired and this shared across the students who book the course.

The full written course is delivered over eight weeks.  It includes an all day retreat before the last couple of weeks, where learned skills are practised in peaceful and sometimes silent environment. Session times may vary.  When more people attend a course more time is needed to get through the material.  Particularly in the enquiry phase where each individual needs the time to express their view on their learning.  We each begin to grasp, understand and evolve mindful awareness day by day.  Over the course each person is given the necessary time to communicate their understanding of what is experienced in each session.  Sharing helps support learning and build confidence.  Hence why sessions can be 2.5 hours not two.  Working one to one or with a duo the course structure can be adapted.  The latter weeks involve viewing the future and how each student sees how they will plan to use their mindfulness skills when not supported in a learning environment.  These weave around the retreat date which usually leaves two practise weeks between direct learning sessions so replicate 'normal' living whilst reflecting on what has been learned so far.

I like to meet students for an introductory event where I will map out the weeks of the course and outline how we may work together.  I am available through all modes of communication to answer your questions.  Please get in touch.


It is very possible to construct a much shorter version of the MBSR course content for delivery in the work place or for professional people where time is limited.  I can deliver an introduction to MBSR to fit a desired time.
Hopefully you can see how I will try to accomodate your needs and can create a presentation for you .  Please get in touch.

Stuart Greenaway 2023
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